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EtherNet/IP Master Library (EML)

The EtherNet/IP Library enables developers of PC based or embedded products to quickly add EhterNet/IP Scanner Class functionality to a product's feature set.

The EtherNet/IP Master Library provides I/O Server and I/O Client, Message Server and Message Client capability. The EML software provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for using Common Indutrial Protocol (CIP) via TCP/IP using a standard socket level TCP/IP interface.

The EML consists of source code modules, scanner and server demo applications and a reference manual.

The EtherNet/IP Master Library is distributed under a royalty-free site license.

Function Overview

* Scanner Class Functionality (equivalent to EtherNet/IP Level 4)

  • UCMM (unconnected) Message Server and Message Client
  • Class 3 (connected) Message Server and Message Client
  • Class 1 (connected) I/O Server and I/O Client

* Resource Utilization adn Management

  • All resources are initialized at startup
  • No dynamic memory or thread allocation
  • Only one thread utilized

* Platform Compatibility and Portability

  • Direct Windows XP/2000/NT/CE/WinSock compatibility
  • Direct AIX UNIX, LINUX compatibility
  • Platform dependent utilities isolated in a separate module for easier porting to other platforms
  • Source is ANSI C

* Supported/Included Objects

  • Identity Object
  • Message Router Object
  • Assembly Object
  • Connection Manager Object
  • Connection Configuration Object
  • Port Object
  • TCP/IP Interface Object
  • Ethernet Link Object


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